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==== Camping ====
==== Camping ====
* [ Campingplätze im Stadtgebiet]
* [ Campingplätze im Stadtgebiet]
* [ Tentstation - Zelten mitten in Berlin]
* [ Tentstation - Zelten mitten in Berlin]
* [ Breitehorn an der Havel]
* [ Breitehorn an der Havel]

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Compared to other cities, Berlin provides pretty cheap accommodation, especially if booked early.

Due to the fact that the Berlin Air Show (ILA) takes place at the same time like LinuxTag most hotels drastically increased their prices. We advise you to book your accommodation as soon as possible.



Since LinuxTag moved to Berlin, we were not able to locate a gym which can be used for indoor camping nearby Berlin fairgrounds. We are looking for a volunteer to help us with this task. If you are living in Berlin and would like to help us organizing this, please contact the Project Committee.

Hostels & Hotels

There are several backpacker hostels and inexpensive hotels in Berlin offering accommodation in single or double bedrooms for little money per night. These hostels are usually available on short-term booking, however, demand is high during LinuxTag. We strongly recommend early booking. Some hotels will offer a small discount when LinuxTag is mentioned.

Feel free to update and extend the list if you know better or have additional information. When you update the information, please change the contents of the last cell to YYYY-MM-DD.

Name Adress / Area Dist.
Open 24h? Min
Contact Internet? other Specials? Comments. Info Updated
A&O Hostel am Zoo Joachimstaler Str. 1-3, D-10623 Berlin X freecall 0800-222 67 14
phone +49 (0)30 8094 7 - 5300
fax +49 (0)30 8094 7 -5390
A&O Backpackers Hostel Köpenickerstr. 127-129
X 12 58 fon: +49-30-80.94.7-0
fax: +49-30-80.94.7-20
Terminals: 2,50 €/hour 2007-12-01?
Park Inn Hotel Alexanderplatz
X 69 202 fon: +49-30-23890
fax: +49-30-23894305
Broadband: 8 €/30min, 18 € / 24h and T-Com hotspot 2006-12-27
Ibis Berlin Mitte Prenzlauer Allee 4
X 49 119 fon: +49-30-443330
fax: +49-30-44333111
Wireless LAN provided by D2, handicapped accessible 2006-12-27
Alcatraz Backpacker Hostel Schönhauser Allee 133a
Prenzlauer Berg
X 16 40 fon: +49-30-48496815
fax: +49-30-48496817
free WLAN in the lobby and some guest PCs in the Internet room (also free) 2006-12-27
Mövenpick Berlin Berlin
Potsdamer Platz
X 75 200 fon: +49-30-230060
fax: +49-30-23006199
Motel One Prinzenstr. 40
X 49 55 fon: +49-30-70079800
fax: +49-30-70079801
WLAN provided by Swisscom 4,50 €/30 min 2006-12-27
Mitte's Backpacker Hostel Chausseestrasse 102
X 13 29 fon: +49-30-2839.0965
fax: +49-30-2839.0935
123zimmer misc. locations about 15,- fon: +49-30-678.234-44
fax: +49-30-678.234-55
Website to search for private rooms or apartments/flats 2006-12-27
Sunflower Hostel Helsingforser Strasse 17
X 10 30 fon: +49-30-44044250
fax: +49-30-57796550
Guest-PC: 3 €/hour in some rooms :)
BaxPax Hostel Skalitzer Strasse 104
Kreuzberg oder Mitte
X 12 30 fon: +49-30-69518322
fax: +49-30-69518372
handicapped accessible, for Congress participants: rooms at a discount of 10%, Internet-Terminals for free , maybe WLAN then 2005-12-27
Corner Hostel Driesener Strasse 17
Prenzlauer Berg
X 14 25 fon: +49-30-43734353
fax: +49-30-43734206
A&O Backpackers Hostel Boxhagener Strasse 73
X 10 54 fon: +49-30-2977810
fax: +49-30-29007366
Terminals: 2,50 €/hour, handicapped acessible 2005-12-27


Hier ist der Platz für günstige Unterkünfte bekannt zu geben. Wer in Berlin wohnt kann --wenn er möchte-- auch Übernachtungen anbieten!



ab 30€ im Einzel bis 10€ im großen Mehrbettzimmer! (Einzel- und Doppelzimmer mit Frühstück, andere + 5€/Tag)
Das messenächste AO Hostel befindet sich am Zoo
ca. 25min. von der Messe entfernt
Übernachtung im Einzelzimmer für 38€ bis zum 7 Bett-Zimmer für 18€/p.P.
40 min. via S-Bahn von der Messe entfernt


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