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Public Transport

Public transport services are provided by BVG (ungerground train, tram and bus) and the S-Bahn Berlin (urban train).

Nearest Station to the exhibition is "S Messe Süd". If you choose this station for arrival at LinuxTag you need to take one of the following urban trains:

  • S 9
  • S 75

When coming from the east (e. g. "Alexander Platz" or "Berlin Hauptbahnhof"), take one of these lines in direction to "Spandau", otherwise to "Flughafen Schönefeld" respectively "Wartenberg".

When the "S-Bahn Ring" is easy to reach for you, you can take the urban trains S 41 and S 42, S 41 runs in clockwise direction, the S 42 is the counterpart) to "S Westend" and change there to the urban trains S 9 or S 75 in direction to "Spandau".


When not coming from tarif zone C (you'll know when), the best choice is an AB Ticket for public transport services.

  • The standard ticket ("Einzelfahrausweis") costs 2.10 € and is valid for two hours but just for one direction!
  • A day ticket is available for 6.10 € and is valid for the whole day and until 3 a.m. of the next day. The day ticket is worth it when you want to travel to the LinuxTag and may want to explore the city or attend the LinuxNight also.
  • When your hotel is very near to the fairgrounds you can also use a short trip ticket ("Kurzstrecke"). With 1.30 € you can go 3 Stations by Urban and Underground Train and 6 Stations by Bus and Tram.

Fairgrounds and Environment

Here you can find a map of berlin, default position is the exhibition.

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