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Wired network at projects' booths

Like last event, LinuxTag is not responsible for the network. It is set up by T-Systems, contractor of Messe Berlin.

T-Systems will provide a separate LAN for all projects booths. This will be a private Class B network, where about half of the IPs are distributed using DHCP with realtively long leasetime (about 1 day). The other half of the address space will be distributed using peg-dhcp where each booth/project will get at least its own 256 static addresses (see RFC-2322 for further details).

There are always some experts, which provide their own DHCP service to all other projects, which results in a big network mess. To be on the sure side, we advice you to use your PEG-DHCP address pool for your booth's systems. To make this clear it is not allowed to run a DHCP server on our network.

Please notice: the whole network will be behind a NAT router and some ports (many unencrypted protocols like telnet, pop3, imap or smtp) to the Internet will be blocked. Please use their encrypted pendants (ssh, pop3s, imaps, submission/smtps).

Wireless network access

In addition to this there will be a wireless network available mainly in the conference area. The SSID of our wireless LAN is LinuxTag. You you to accept our terms and conditions once per day per MAC address.

Required equipment


LinuxTag provides per three free project booths a 100 MBit, RJ45 Ethernet connection as link to the conference network. The projects have to share this uplink among their neighbours and have to bring with their own switches for deploying our network on their stand.


The projects also have to bring their own network cables. You have to wire you entire booth on your own, including the cables to all counters. LinuxTag will provide you with protectors against stumbling across the cables. Please ask our team to help you securing your booth after you fitted everything to your needs.


We kindly ask you not to provide an _unencrypted_ network to the public at your booth. If you really think it is necessary to have a wireless network at your booth, please encrypt it and do not give the encryption key to our visitors. Please

Network assignments

LAN 1 (Exhibition)
  • network
  • gateway
  • DHCP range
  • reserved range for free projects
    please find below the ip address assignments for each project.
LAN 2a (Conference EUROPA 1+2)
  • network
  • gateway
LAN 2b (Conference BERLIN 1+2)
  • network
  • gateway
LAN 2c (Konferenz LONDON + PARIS)
  • network
  • gateway
LAN 3 (Workshops, tutorials, developer room)
  • network
  • gateway
  • DHCP range
  • reserved range for workshops and tutorials

Static IP ranges for projects' booths

name boothno
ADempiere 7.2b 206
Amarok 7.2b 124
Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung 7.2a 210
Artikel23 7.2a 124
Asterisk 7.2b 107
BSD Certification Group 7.2a 108
Berliner Linux User Group - BeLUG e.V. 7.2a 124
CAcert.org 7.3b 4 wireless only
CentOS - the Community Enterprise OS 7.2b 109
Coreboot 7.2b 112
Debian GNU/Linux 7.2b 121
DeepaMehta - A networked semantic desktop 7.3b 3 wireless only
DesktopBSD 7.2a 108
Die Open Source Geospatial Foundation 7.2a 213
Drupal 7.2a 217
Edubuntu 7.2b 125
FAI - Fully Automatic Installation 7.2b 121
FFII 7.2a 210
FFmpeg 7.2a 113
Fedora Project 7.2a 201
FlightGear Flight Simulator 7.2a 216
Free Software Foundation Europe 7.2b 122
FreeBSD 7.2a 108
FreeSBIE 7.2a 108
Freedroidz 7.2b 112
Freie GIS Community Deutschland 7.2a 213
GNOME 7.2b 114
GPE 7.2b 112
GPE Phone Edition 7.2b 112
Gentoo Linux 7.2a 114
Grok 7.2a 203
Horde Project 7.2b 126
Interchange 7.2a 103
JackLab - Professionelles Audio für Linux 7.2b 113
Joomla! 7.2a 116
KDE 7.2a 125
Kubuntu Community 7.2b 124
LinuxMCE 7.2b 108
MPlayer 7.2a 113
MandrivaUser.de 7.2a 105
MirOS 7.2a 108
MoneyPenny 7.2b 120
MythTV 7.2a 117
NetBSD 7.2a 108
OLPC Deutschland e.V. 7.2b 115
Open Graphics Project 7.2a 113
Open Source Jahrbuch 2008 7.3 2 wireless only
OpenBSD 7.2a 108
OpenEmbedded 7.2b 112
OpenLDAP 7.2b 102
OpenOffice.org 7.2b 120
OpenSSH 7.2a 108
OpenStreetMap 7.2a 213
Plone 7.2a 203
RadioTux 7.2b 123
Relax & Recover (ReaR) 7.2b 102
Skolelinux ein internationales Schulserver Projekt 7.2b 115
T2 SDE 7.2b 112
TeX/LaTeX/Computertypografie 7.2a 101
Tine 2.0 7.2a 115
Tntnet 7.2b 112
Ubuntu Community 7.2b 125
VideoLAN 7.2b 109
YaCy Web Search Engine 7.2b 101
Zope 7.2a 203
fli4l und eisfair 7.2a 126
jalimo 7.2b 112
linuX-gamers.org e.V. 7.2a 216
linux4afrika - a project running by FreiOSS.net 7.2b 125
mySTEP / embedded GNUstep 7.2b 112
oBiCo - the open bicycle computer 7.2b 112
phpBB 7.2a 116
sidux 7.2a 123
strongSwan 7.2a 107
vdr - video disk recorder 7.2a 102
x2go - server based computing 7.2a 104
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