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Network assignments

LAN 1 (Exhibition)
  • network
  • gateway
  • netmask
  • DHCP range
  • reserved range for free projects
    please find below the ip address assignments for each project.
LAN 2a (Conference EUROPA 1+2)
  • network
  • gateway
  • netmask
  • DHCP range -
LAN 2b (Conference BERLIN 1+2)
  • network
  • gateway
  • netmask
  • DHCP range -
LAN 2c (Konferenz LONDON)
  • network
  • gateway
  • netmask
  • DHCP range -
LAN 3 (Workshops, tutorials, developer room)
  • network
  • gateway
  • netmask
  • DHCP range
  • reserved range for workshops and tutorials

Static IP ranges for projects' booths

The IP-Ranges are now defined. If you don't find your Project on list, please let us know.
Send a mail to netz@linuxtag.org or vist us at the projects/crew office in Hall 7.1b near lecture hall "London".

Amarok7.2b 11210.0.151.1-255
Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung (AK Vorrat)7.2b 12510.0.169.1-255
Autopackage7.2b 101b10.0.133.1-255
BeLUG7.2a 101c10.0.102.1-255
BSDCertification7.2b 11110.0.147.1-255
CentOS - The Community Enterprise Operating System7.2a 101b10.0.101.1-255
coreboot7.2a 10610.0.107.1-255
DANTE e.V. Computerschriftsatz mit TeX/LaTeX7.2a 105a10.0.104.1-255
Debian GNU/Linux7.2b 116d10.0.161.1-255
Drupal User Group Berlin7.2b 101c10.0.134.1-255
DZUG e.V. - Deutschsprachige Zope User Group7.2b 101a10.0.130.1-255
edubuntu7.2b 116b10.0.157.1-255
eisfair - the easy internet server7.2b 105b10.0.140.1-255
Equinox Desktop Environment7.2b 11910.0.166.1-255
Fedora Project7.2b 105a10.0.139.1-255
FFmpeg7.2a 11810.0.123.1-255
fli4l - the on(e) disk router7.2b 105b10.0.141.1-255
FlightGear flight simulator7.2a 110b10.0.115.1-255
FLOSSManual7.2b 116a10.0.155.1-255
FoeBuD e.V.7.2b 12510.0.171.1-255
Forth Gesellschaft7.2b 103b10.0.138.1-255
Free Software Foundation Europe7.2b 12410.0.168.1-255
FreeBSD7.2b 11110.0.146.1-255
GeneSEZ - Generative Software Entwicklung mit Open Source7.2b 116a10.0.152.1-255
Gentoo Linux7.2a 101a10.3.100.1-255
German Privacy Foundation e.V. (GPF)7.2b 12510.0.170.1-255
GNOME7.2b 11910.0.167.1-255
Holarse.de7.2a 110b10.0.117.1-255
Interchange7.2b 101b10.0.132.1-255
KDE7.2b 11210.0.149.1-255
Kubuntu Community7.2b 11210.0.150.1-255
Linux Gaming7.2a 110b10.0.113.1-255
linuX-gamers.net7.2a 110b10.0.114.1-255
Linux4Afrika7.2a 110a10.0.112.1-255
LinuxFund7.2b 11110.0.144.1-255
MoneyPenny7.2a 11610.0.122.1-255
Mplayer7.2a 11810.0.125.1-255
NetBSD Project7.2b 11110.0.145.1-255
OLPC Deutschland e.V.7.2a 110a10.0.111.1-255
Open Embedded7.2a 10610.0.106.1-255
Open Graphics Project7.2a 11810.0.124.1-255
OpenBSD7.2b 11110.0.148.1-255
Openmoko.org7.2b 11110.0.142.1-255
OpenOffice.org7.2a 11610.0.121.1-255
OpenSSH7.2b 11110.0.143.1-255
OpenStreetMap7.2a 11910.0.127.1-255
OpenVZ7.2b 103a10.0.137.1-255
OpenWRT7.2b 116a10.0.153.1-255
openZIM7.2a 113a10.0.118.1-255
Osgeo/FOSSGIS7.2a 11910.0.126.1-255
Plone7.2b 101a10.0.128.1-255
RadioTux7.2b 11810.0.165.1-255
Samba7.2b 11710.0.164.1-255
sidux7.2b 116d10.0.162.1-255
Skolelinux7.2a 110a10.0.110.1-255
Spielen unter Linux7.2a 110b10.0.116.1-255
strongSwan7.2b 116a10.0.154.1-255
Sugar - a platform for learning learning7.2a 110a10.0.108.1-255
Sun Microsystems GmbH7.2a 11610.0.173.1-255
TeamDrive Systems GmbH7.2a 11610.0.174.1-255
TeX/LaTeX-Computertypografie7.2a 105a10.0.103.1-255
Tntnet7.2a 113a10.0.119.1-255
TYPO37.2a 113b10.0.120.1-255
Ubuntu Community7.2b 116b10.0.159.1-255
Ubuntu Privacy Remix7.2b 116b10.0.158.1-255
verinice7.2b 11710.0.163.1-255
VideoLAN7.2a 105b10.0.105.1-255
X2go7.2a 110a10.0.109.1-255
XBMC7.2b 116c10.0.160.1-255
XtreemFS7.2b 103a10.0.136.1-255
XtreemOS7.2b 103a10.0.135.1-255
Xubuntu7.2b 116b10.0.156.1-255
YaCy7.2b 101b10.0.131.1-255
Zope7.2b 101a10.0.129.1-255
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