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The team organizing the free projects' appearance at LinuxTag is called project committee.


You can contact us by email using projects@linuxtag.org.



Elke Moritz

Referentin Freie Projekte: in charge of the project booths and main contact for the free projects


Jacqueline Rahemipour

your contact in the exhibition halls - at hall 7.1c. Sells the Social Event tickets for the free projects

Image:Photo Wolfgang Drotschmann.png

Wolfgang Drotschmann

Dipl. Informatiker

Former Members

(alphabetical order)

Marko Jung
As founding member of the Project Committee Marko organised four consecutive events defining new standards for free software projects' appearance at large international venues. With the formation of the Projects Board he institutionalised the democratic involvement of the free software community in LinuxTag's decision processes. Marko left the committee on his own wish due to personal reasons in May 2009.
Susanne Pfeifer
Susanne joined the project committee in 2006 being the good soul within the team. She mainly worked on internal projects, represented LinuxTag at events throughout Europe and organised not only one stunning after show party. She left the committee on her own wish due to personal reasons in May 2009.
Martin Schulte (GUUG)
LinuxTag 2006 in Wiesbaden was organized by the German Unix User Group (GUUG). As it's chairman, Martin also was deeply involved in the free software projects appearance at LinuxTag 2006.
Martin 'Joey' Schulze
Before the committee was installed in second half of 2005, Joey managed the projects' affairs for several years. LinuxTag is deeply grateful for his long-lasting commitment..
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