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Track im VCC / Trackliste

Motivation: Wieso ist dieses Thema wichtig? Welche Frage stellt sich dem Besucher reglmäßig, sodass der Track ihm evtl. Antworten geben kann? Welche Grundsätzlichen Ansätze gibt es gegenwärtig, um sich diesem Thema anzunehmen?

Der Track soll ... was für welche Zielgruppe liefern?. Was soll dazu konkret präsentiert werden?)

Currently it looks like I'ld like to do a "zoom out" of the car. There are some car-internal talks how the components talk to each other. Then a step further out there are the components talking to the car via OBD and bluetooth. Finally we have the simulation/visualization theme that is actually about an airplane (quite similar to a car in this respect) in an simulated environment.

A goal is to show how the different technologies work together in the car and in the development of the car. Additionally we'ld like to have all people a feeling about car electronics. There it is no magic going on and you even can connect to your car wirelessly or with some minimal electronics.

=== Unsortierte Stichwörter zum Track === Unsorted ideas.

  • Interesting talks:

http://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/automotive-linux-summit (Link doesn't work anymore. www.archive.org is currently offline)

  • Embedded Systemes (Linux and others) and especially infotainment systems are booming for two years now.
    • Some companies I just remember in no particular order
    • Bosch - Contacted via the official webpage.
    • Fujitsu (without Siemens this time) - Contacted via official mail address
    • Bertrandt - Contacted via press officer
  • A big supplier of infotainment and tablet integration is HARMAN / Becker. Personal contact doesn't respond. :-( Contacted via the official webpage.
  • Self driving cars:
    • Google: Sebastian Thrun bzw. Jay Nancarrow at Google: press@google.com contacted. No response yet.
    • Audi: Ricky Hudi. Contact via the Audi press department. Not contacted yet.
    • Toyota: Contact via the Toyota press department. Not contacted yet.
  • The automotive industry is currently replacing many generation one infrastructure systems in the product development field.
    • PDM systems
      • Siemens
      • Dassault Systemes
        • Mailed and talked to private contacts. But they don't want to talk in public about it.
  • Automotive WEB 2.0 with photo-realistic realtime rendering. Mailed and talked to private contacts. Let's see whats happening.

There are many important players that aren't publically known. I know some of those but by far not all of them.

Suggested taks and speakers

 * Michael Uelschen: CAN-Bus and OBD with Linux
 * Cassidian: Aerospace simulation, virtual reality
 * GENIVI (via Jeremiah Foster) There are many possibilities. I'ld like a talk that corresponds to the talk of Mr. Uelschens talk about how to get the data from the car's Systems into the control unit. And maybe a more hands on talk about the smartphone integration or the audio systems.
 * Automotive Grade Linux (AGL)?


Session Chair: Matthias Sattler

Session Chair: N. N. (Status)

Ansprechpartner im Programmkomitee: Ingo Wichmann


Die Session-Chairs planen, bis zum xx. Januar 2013 eine geordnete Liste mit vCC-IDs an das PK zu übermitteln.

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