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Communicating Ideas

LinuxTag seeks exciting and suitable proposals for presentations in the conference lecture tracks. Interested speakers are invited to submit their proposals by February 7th, 2014. Proposals submitted after this deadline are generally not accepted. In rare circumstances, such as cancellation of another speaker due to illness, late additions may be arranged, however.

Please read the CfP and submit a complete proposal to our virtual conference center (see below) before you contact us.

Call for Papers

for the 20th International LinuxTag, May 8–10, 2014
STATION Berlin, Germany

LinuxTag gets people not just to use free software, but to live it. Speakers at LinuxTag present useful, interesting topics that indicate coming trends. Anyone with expertise in a given subject area can present at LinuxTag. We explicitly encourage users, system administrators, developers, and entrepreneurs who have never given a public presentation to submit their proposals. Advice is available on request.

The program committee for the 20th LinuxTag is seeking proposals for the lecture program on topics including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Find out: Tracing, troubleshooting, and logging
  • Protect yourself: Security after Snowden
  • Fancy a game? Linux' new steps into entertainment
  • Make it so: Configuration management and software deployment
  • Roll your own: Bring back your servers home
  • Extensible Attic: Deal with vast amounts of data
  • Pimp the Web: Speed up your apps and improve user experience
  • Go agile: Small steps for your code, but a giant leap for Users
  • OpenStack: One IaaS platform for all needs

The program committee will be happy to consider all other proposals on Linux and open-source-related themes, though. If you don't have anything to contribute to one of the program tracks listed, but you know someone who does, please forward this Call for Papers, or let the Program Committee know who should receive it.

What Is Expected of Speakers

The free lecture program is organized in several tracks that take place simultaneously. The tracks are aimed at audiences interested in both technical and social aspects of open source software. As a speaker, you should be an expert in your field — for example, an active member of your project or initiative, a developer, or a member of a pertinent profession, such as a lawyer.

The user-oriented lecture series presents selected applications and provides practical help for day-to-day work with Linux systems. As a speaker in this section, you should have a demonstrable aptitude for understandable communication.

The Business and Public Administration lecture series feature application examples and case studies on the professional use of Linux and open source software. The presentations in this section are aimed at interested, qualified representatives of businesses and government agencies. Speakers in this section generally report on their experience as service providers or other commercial and government organizations.

Respect our code of conduct .

How Presentations Happen

Each presentation is alloted a slot from 30 to 60 minutes. Questions and answers, breakdown and set-up for the following talk must all be finished before the time is over. Other time frames are possible in special circumstances by arrangement with the program committee.

If you would like to be a speaker, you can submit key information on your proposal electronically through in the Virtual Conference Center (vCC) at https://vcc.linuxtag.org/. Please note that LinuxTag protects your data under an SSL certificate signed by the CACert project. CACert's root certificates are not included with all browsers. If you have questions about the security of the registration process, please contact the Program Committee.

You do not need to submit the full text of your presentation in your initial response to this Call for Papers. The LinuxTag website contains tips for optimizing presentations.

Presentations and proposals can be in German or English. The abstract accompanying your proposal should be in the same language as the proposed presentation. Choose the language in which you can best express yourself. The program committee especially welcomes submissions in English since LinuxTag is an international event.

After the deadline for submissions, the program committee will evaluate the abstracts submitted with regard to content, clarity and technical depth. LinuxTag will then notify you if your proposal is accepted, and will provide a style sheet to guide you in preparing a full written version of your presentation — generally about ten pages of text — in the Open Document Format (ODF). This is the version that will appear in the conference proceedings. You may also submit presentation slides. From this point on, presentations and author information are submitted only through the vCC. The program committee does not accept such information by email.

If the full version differs drastically in form or content from the accepted abstract, the program committee reserves the right to reject the submission. LinuxTag prefers presentation materials in ODF, but also accepts HTML, PDF, or LaTeX, should need be.

How Submitted Presentations Are Used

LinuxTag e. V. and its partners must be granted a perpetual, full, conferrable, non-exclusive license to use the presentation and all additional material submitted, and to publish it in electronic and other forms, including digital form on CD, DVD, Bluray, or the Internet, in print, and any other media. A list of recognized licenses that fulfill these requirements is available for authors to choose from.

The titles and abstracts of presentations and the authors' names and biographical sketches will be published in the conference program on the LinuxTag website and in the printed program, if any, upon acceptance by the program committee. The actual presentation may be recorded audiovisually. The resulting recording will be subject to the same license conditions as the submitted presentation text and all other submitted material related to the presentation. By submitting a presentation, you express your assent to these conditions. Submissions that are subject to any restrictions or reservations, such as non-disclosure agreements for example, cannot be considered and will not be evaluated. The copyright remains untransferred at the original author.

The submissions and their contents will be treated confidentially until the proposal has been accepted. The evaluations will be kept in strict confidence, and will be accessible only to members of the program committee. The committee will endeavor as far as possible to give every applicant feedback on the proposal submitted. Upon inquiry, the program committee will be happy to explain the results of its evaluation.

Speakers at LinuxTag

LinuxTag offers all speakers free admission to its exclusive evening social event, LinuxNacht. Additional admission tickets for partners can be purchased.

On request, LinuxTag will be happy to reserve a hotel room in the official speakers' hotel for each speaker who submits a presentation on time in the specified format. A limited fund is available to subsidize speakers' accommodation and travel expenses. Speakers can apply for aid from this fund. Where granted, such aid generally covers the cost of up to two nights' accommodation with breakfast, regardless of the number of presentations given. In case of joint presentations by several speakers, expenses are limited to one room with double occupancy for two nights. Special rates are available for additional nights at your own expense. The available speaker accommodations cannot be exchanged for other forms of remuneration, since LinuxTag reserves the rooms as a block.

LinuxTag normally does not reimburse travel expenses. However, limited funds are available to aid participants who cannot otherwise meet the cost of travel to LinuxTag. Many companies are willing to pay an employee's travel expenses in return for an acknowledgment on a slide at the end of the presentation, for example. All requests for travel aid must be submitted by the deadline specified below. LinuxTag cannot guarantee that any specific amount will be reimbursed. In most cases, the aid granted covers only part of the actual travel expenses. Expenses are reimbursed only after the event on presentation of original documents such as railway or airline tickets or fuel receipts.

Important deadlines

Submission deadline: Friday, February 7, 2014

Notification due: April 12, 2014

Applications for travel and accomodation support (extended): April 19, 2014

20th LinuxTag: May 8 - 10, 2014

All submissions are due by 11:59 p.m. UTC on the given date.

LinuxTag reserves the right to revoke invitations if submission deadlines are not met.

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