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=== Important Documents ===
=== Important Documents ===
* [[vp:Tracks_2011|Tracks including Moderators]]
* [[vp:Tracks_2012|Tracks including Moderators]]
* [[vp:Call for Papers|Call for Papers]]
* [[vp:Call for Papers|Call for Papers]]
* [https://vcc.linuxtag.org/ Virtual Conference Center]
* [https://vcc.linuxtag.org/ Virtual Conference Center]

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Welcome to the LinuxTag Conference wiki pages

§2 Abs. 1 der Satzung: Der ausschließliche Zweck des Vereins ist die unmittelbare und selbstlose Förderung von Freier Software.

The mission of LinuxTag e.V. is the altruistic promotion of Free Software. Therefore we invite all free software projects to share their knowledge by contributing to this wiki pages. If you create new documents, please prefix their names with vp: to store them within the conference wiki name-space (e.g. vp:Example Document).


  • 17th LinuxTag: May 23-26, 2012 at Berlin fairgrounds
  • Speaker Info Package published (May, 8th)
  • First speaker notifications on their way. (March, 20th)
  • Call for Papers started on December, 14, 2010


Important Documents

Speaker information

Berlin information


Major dates for speakers

  • 14.12.2010 Official start of the Call for Papers
  • 25.01.2011 Submission deadline for abstracts within the Call for Papers
  • 08.02.2011 Late submissions deadline for abstracts within the Call for Papers
  • 25.03.2011 Preview of a partial version of the conference program
  • 31.03.2011 Accommodation and travel expenses stipend application deadline
  • 09.05.2011 Presentation slide and conference paper submission deadline
  • 11.-14.05.2011 LinuxTag

Dates for the conference team

  • 26.01.2011 1800h Conference call of the program committee
  • 11.-13.02.2011 Meeting of the program committee
  • 16.02.2011 1800h Conference call of the program committee
  • 23.02.2011 1800h Conference call of the program committee

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