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The team organizing the conference at LinuxTag is called program committee but as there are quite a lot of germans we abbreviate it with vp being short for Vortragsprogramm.



You can contact us by email using conference@linuxtag.org.


Program Commitee

  • Nils Magnus (Program Chair)
  • Tobias Paepke (Co-Chair)
  • Ingo Wichmann (Co-Chair)
  • Elke Moritz (Co-Chair)

Session Chairs

  • Thorsten Leemhuis (Kernel)
  • Hans-Jürgen Koch (Embedded)
  • Jacqueline Rahemipour (Agile)
  • Martin Loschwitz (OpenStack)


Carolin Pankrath ( Kontakt über Ingo Wichmann )


Please note that this is a early draft and may change without any further notice.

Tag Room I Room II Room III Room IV Room V
Wednesday datacenter & business applications e-publishing enterprise java Android Meego
Thursday IaaS, Virtualisierung & Cloud Business models hardware hacking Web frameworks Social net & apps
Friday admin updates Security / IPv6 Data security, Privacy, Whisteblowing, ... Web app platforms & deployment Databases - SQL & NoSQL
Saturday Kernel Crossdistro Shell-Tools Desktop OpenStreetMap
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