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The Program Committee is the organizing team the conference at LinuxTag. As there are quite a few Germans in this team, we abbreviate it with vp being short for Vortragsprogramm. The Program Committee is open for members and non-members of LinuxTag Association. Drop us a note if you'd like to participate! We are specifically looking for Session Chairs, and Track Moderators to help us with the program preparation and the conference itself. Other jobs are available as well. Inquire within.


You can contact us by email using conference@linuxtag.org.


Program Commitee

  • Nils Magnus (Program Chair)
  • Tobias Paepke (Co-Chair)
  • Ingo Wichmann (Co-Chair)
  • Elke Moritz (Co-Chair)

Session Chairs

  • Thorsten Leemhuis (Kernel)
  • Hans-J├╝rgen Koch (Embedded)
  • Jacqueline Rahemipour (Agile)
  • Martin Loschwitz (OpenStack)


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