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LinuxTag seeks moderators for the conference tracks. Moderation of a track is split in three handy shifts:

  • Morning (10 - 11.30 AM)
  • Noon (2 - 3.30 PM)
  • Afternoon (4 - 6 PM).

In the table below, the shifts are devided through bars in brackets. You can see the name(s) of the moderator(s) who already chose (a) shift(s). Match the free shifts with your personal timetable. Maybe you want to have a look at the conference schedule.

Now, feel free to chose wether you would like to moderate the tracks of a specific shift, or of a whole day, and enter your name in the table. This requires an account for the public LinuxTag wiki (in which you are reading right now). After registering, make sure to validate your mail address in the User Preferences (scroll down to find the right spot). Otherwise you won't be able to edit this wiki page.

For further questions about your moderation contact the mailinglist for the field helpers of the LinuxTag: helferorga(at)linuxtag(dot)org. You may communicate both in English or German. Thank you for your support!

Tag London Berlin I Berlin II Europa I Europa II
Wed, May 23 Systemmanagement (Martin Alfke) Business & Public Administration (//) Business & Public Administration (//) Virtualisierung & HA (Dennis Kersten) Software Development (//)
Thu, May 24 Storage (Udo Seidel) Business & Public Administration (Benjamin) Business & Public Administration (Reinhard Daniel//) Admin Update & Best Practises (Arturo Sánchez Herrero) Software Development (Robert Clausecker/Chris Kühl/)
Fri, May 25 Linux Kernel (Thorsten Leemhuis) Office (/Chris Kühl/) Knowhow (Stefan Fischer/Stefan Fischer/Robert Clausecker) Monitoring (//Tobias Mueller) Cloud Lösungen (Martin Seidler)
Sat, May 26 Mobile Applications (Reinhard Daniel/Tobias Mueller/Stefan Fischer) Free Your Desktop (Sirko Kemter/Sirko Kemter/Tobias Mueller) Community (Robert Clausecker) Web Applications (Alina Dima) Gadgets & Embedded Linux (Manuel Traut)

Open Slots

We are still seeking moderators for the following tracks:

  • Wed, BuBK, Berlin I
  • Wed, BuBK, Berlin II
  • Wed, Softwaredevelopment/Java, Europa II
  • Thu, BuBK, Berlin II -> Noon, Afternoon
  • Thu, Softwaredevelopment, Europa II -> Afternoon
  • Fri, Monitoring, Europa I -> Morning, Noon

This compilation is for planning purposes. Talks may change, because the LinuxTag conference team optimizes the schedule virtually until the last minute. The current version of the conference program is always to be found at the LinuxTag website. If you landed here by some accident and don't know what this is about, have a look at the Moderator's Job Description.

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