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Please take a look first at the list of available furniture:

Try to use the same terminology in the table below. Also check out the section about costs and budget and request only the furniture you can use appropriately.

Note that requests are requests only. We have a limited budget and may change your requests as we deem appropriate.

2012 Booths

Hall plans

(plans are not final)


Note: we expect some more changes to these plans, especially concerning

  • UPDATED: Lockpicking and CAcert/secure-u are moved to 7.2b 244 and 251.

Furniture Requests 2012

This list has been closed.

Please do not make any further modifications to this table.

The list in Libre Office format after budget cuts was sent to all projects and the booth builder on 08-May-2012.

Hall Booth# ProjectName(s) Name on booth (Blendenbeschriftung) Furniture Requests Furniture we bring ourselves Storage Room Requests (Kabine) We need a Projector Board (yes/no) Items/furniture we could provide for other projects Additional Comments
7.2a 101 OpenStreetMap, Navit, FOSSGIS/OSGEO Navit, OpenStreetmap, FOSSGIS / OSGEO Navit: 2 x Chair, Small Table, 2 x Bar Chair, Infopoint, Prospektständer klein, Projetor Board

OSM/FOSSGIS: 2x Chair, Small Table, 4x Bar Chair, 2x Infopoint, 2x Prospektständer

Navit: Roll-Up, OSM/FOSSGIS: 2x Banner, 3x Rollup, Lights 1x1m Navit: yes, OSM: yes
7.2a 102 m23 m23 Softwareverteilung 1 small table, 1 chair, 2 bar chairs (white), 1 Prospektständer groß, 2 Info points, 1 sideboard network room already there no Thank you! / Danke!
7.2a 103 Clonezilla, Relax & Recover, YADT Clonezilla * ReaR - Relax & Recover * YADT - An Augmented Deployment Tool Suggestion: Small Table, 4 Chairs, small flyer rack (3x A4), 2-seater sofa. Clonezilla: 1 Table, 3 Chairs. Sitting Bags (YADT, need to check). Clonezilla: 1 Banner. 1x1m
7.2a 132 Privacy Corner / FusionDirectory Privacy Corner - Aktion Freiheit statt Angst e.V. - FusionDirectory 3 x Chair, Large Table, Infopoint, 2 x Prospektständer klein - FusionDirectory : 1 Prospektständer klein , 3 x Chair, 1 x Large Table 2 x Banner - FusionDirectory : Roll up
7.2a 105 BeLUG, LinuxWorks!, OSFanG BeLUG Berlin, LinuxWorks! Berlin, OSFanG 4x chair, Large Table, 1x Prospektständer klein, 1x small Table, 1x Counter 1m x 1m
7.2a 106 Horde, Qt Project, KDE, Gnome Horde Groupware - KDE - Qt Project KDE: 1x Infopoint + 2x Bar chair + 1x small round table + 2x Chair; Horde: 1 Infopoint, 2 Bar Chairs, 1 Small Round Table (or Small Table), 2 Chairs, 1 Prospektständer gross; Qt Project: 1x Glass Showcase (if possible, as we have embedded hardware; otherwise Infopoint), 1x Bar table + 2x Bar chair, 1 Prospektständer small; GNOME: 1 Chair, 1 Infopoint, 1 Tall Round Table ("Bar table"), 1 Small Counter, 2 Bar Chair, 1 Prospektständer klein, 1 Sofa 1m x 1m yes, we (GNOME) want a projector board
7.2a 114 LinuxTag Project Office, LibreOffice, Moneypenny Project Office - LibreOffice - Moneypenny LibO&Moneypenny: 3 x Infopoint, 6 x Bar chairs, 1 x sideboard, 1 x small round table, 3 x chair
Project Office: 1 x Large table, 2 x chair, 2 x sofa?
1 x Flipchart (for Project Office), 2 x Literature rack, 6 x "Sitzwürfel" 1-2 m² on booth yes
7.2a 115 Sugar Labs, Skolelinux, X2Go-Community.org, X2Go Skolelinux - Freie Software und Bildung eV - X2Go-everywhere@home - Sugar Labs 6 x bar chairs, 4 x bar table, 2 x large table, 6 x chair, 2 x literature rack P3 (X2Go one table, two chairs needed for 3 clients, 1 server, 1 tablet) 2 m²
7.2a 116 Wikimedia (D, CH, Ö), Kiwix, openZIM, Tntnet Wikimedia - Kiwix - Tntnet
  • 1 x Info bar 00195
  • 5 x Z-Barstool 10005
  • 2 x Sofa 15010
  • 1 x Literature Rack P3 30012
  • 2 x Bar Table weiss 20005
1m x 1m
  1. Wikimedia: yes
  2. Tntnet: yes
7.2a 117 Drupal User Group Berlin, TYPO3, ScientificCMS ScientificCMS, Drupal, TYPO3
  • ScientificCMS:
    • 1 counter
    • 3 bar chairs
    • 1 bar table
    • 1 sofa
    • 1 arm chair
  • Drupal:
    • 2 bar chairs
    • 2 chairs,
    • 1 Small Round Table
  • Typo3:
    • 1 infopoint
    • 2 bar chairs
1x1m ScientificCMS: no, Drupal no, TYPO3 no
7.2a 118 Django, Pyramid, Python, OpenSlides, Plone, Zope Python Software Verband e.V.
  • 2 large tables
  • 6 chairs
  • 2 info points
  • 6 barstools
  • 2 sofas
  • 2 info points
  • 1 info bar
  • 1 literature rack
2m x 1m yes
7.2a 136 Holarse (Games) Holarse - Spielen unter Linux 1x infopoint, 1x sideboard, 2x barstools, 2x chairs, 2x tables, 1x large table
7.2a 137 TeX/LaTeX und Typografie DANTE e.V. TeX/LaTeX DANTE e.V. 2x Infopoint, 2x Barstuhl, 4x Stuhl, 1 x gr. Tisch, 1 x Prospektständer 1m x 1m yes
Hall Booth# ProjectName(s) Name on booth (Blendenbeschriftung) Furniture Requests Furniture we bring ourselves Storage Room Requests (Kabine) We need a Projector Board (yes/no) Items/furniture we could provide for other projects Additional Comments
7.2a 154 Stricktux, FSFE, YaCy Stricktux, FSFE, YaCy (for YaCy: 2x Bar chair, 1x small infopoint, Prospektständer, Projector Board, 1 x small table, 2 x chair) (Stricktux: Sofa and/or armchairs 3-4 seats altogether, literature rack P3, Sideboard) (FSFE: 2 Infopoints, one Prospektständer gross) (for YaCy: large Banner to be mounted on wall, lights) (for YaCy: yes please!)
7.2a 167 Libav, XBMC, VideoLAN Libav, XBMC, VideoLAN VideoLAN: 1x couch, 1x LCD/LED TV, 1x salon table, 1x folder rack, 1x infopoint XBMC: 2x Sofa, 1xSideboard, 1xInfopoint, 2xBar Chair, Small flyer rack
7.2a 181c Project Meeting Point: appMode, OpenPhoenux/GTA04, PostfixAdmin, OTRS-Community/OtterHub
7.2b 201 NetBSD, FreeBSD, BSDCertification Group
7.2b 202 openSUSE Community openSUSE Community
  • 2 large tables
  • 6 chairs
stands for give-away-stuff. 1x1m No -
7.2b 203 CentOS, Fedora Project CentOS, Fedora Project (as shown on hall plan) Centos: 2 Infopoints, 3 Bar Chairs, 1 Sofa
Fedora: 1 Sofa, 2 Infopoints, 3 Bar Chairs
-- 1 qm (shared among CentOS and Fedora, perhaps even with openSUSE) CentOS: no ; Fedora: yes Ikea LACK table (between the sofas) Sofa suite will be shared among Centos and Fedora; if booth get's too crowded both projects can replace 2 Infopoints with one counter and set aside one bar chair.
7.2b 204 freedroidz, ownCloud ownCloud 4 chairs, 1 Small Round Table 2 barstools, 1 infopoint 1x1m Thank you
7.2b 205 Mageia.Org, MandrivaUser.de MandrivaUser.de Mageia.Org Suggestion: 1 large table, 1 small round table, 2 infopoints, 2 barstools, 6 chairs, 2 literature racks P3, 2 sideboards
7.2b 206 siduction, Debian GNU/Linux, Kanotix siduction, Debian GNU/Linux, Kanotix

Note: please position the project names as described in hall plan (1 left, 1 center, 1 right)

1 infopoint, 2 barstools, large table, 3 chairs (siduction); 1 Infopoint, 1 large table, 2 chairs, 1 bar chair and 1 literature rack P3 /Prospektständer klein (Kanotix); 1 large table, 2 chairs, 1 inforpoint, 1 barstools (Debian) 1 qm, yes,
7.2b 252 Ubuntu Community, kubuntu-de.org, lubuntu, Communtu Ubuntu Lounge 1 infopoint, 2 barstools, large table, 9 sofas, Hängevorrichtung für Beamer 3 little tables 1 qm yes
Hall Booth# ProjectName(s) Name on booth (Blendenbeschriftung) Furniture Requests Furniture we bring ourselves Storage Room Requests (Kabine) We need a Projector Board (yes/no) Items/furniture we could provide for other projects Additional Comments
7.2b 263 BerliOS
7.2b 264 Büro 2.0 Büro 2.0 1x Sideboard none none no none
7.2b 271 OpenSimulator (with Avination) 4x chair (10002); 1x table (20002); 3x table (20001); 1x Bartable (20005); 4x Z-Barstool (10004); 1x Counter (015175); 1x Info bar (00195); 1x Literature rack P3 (30012); DJ Rack/equiment we would like to share with our neighbours if that's possible as our booth will be pretty crowded yes
7.2b 273 Gentoo Linux Gentoo Linux 1x Infopoint + 2x Bar chairs + 1x Large table + 4x Chairs + 1x Prospektständer klein -- 1-2m² on booth (can be shared with neighbours) no -- Thanks!
7.2b 278 OpenEmbedded, coreboot, Forth Gesellschaft, freifunk, Kamailio, SEMS, NAO Robots Kamailio/SEMS: 2 x Chair, Small Table, 1 x Bar Chair, Infopoint, Prospektständer klein, Sideboard OpenEmbedded: One large table, two chairs Forth Gesellschaft: 3x 80x80 Table for Workshop with visitors, 1x 120x80 Table for Robot, 1x Infopoint, 6-8 Chairs (for Workshop), 2 Hocker NAO Robots (Aldebaran Robotics): 2 large tables for robots, 3 chairs, 2 X bar chairs, 1 Infopoint,Prospektständer klein, Beamerhalterung, monitor/display screen and NO carpet.
between entrance hall and 7.2a "Erste Nische" Lockpicking
between entrance hall and 7.2a "Zweite Nische" CAcert, secure-u CAcert    secure-u 5 Small Round Table mit weißer Oberfläche Art.-Nr. 20003;
20 (=5x4) Schalenstuhl Art.-Nr. 06151;
1 Sofa (can be shared in case);
Verlängerungskabel lang genug für Verteilung innerhalb der Nische
Roll-Up, 1 Banner, Prospektständer klein no Many thanks
Entrance hall Garderobe Merchandisind Stand
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