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For the 2013 furniture request list, see fp:Furniture2013


Available Carpets

Carpet will be blue by default - like last year. The following colors are available by special request:

Blue Green Red Gray
File:Teppichblau.jpg File:Teppichgruen.jpg File:Teppichrot.jpg File:Teppichgrau.jpg
Default color Ordered for CMS garden Must be requested by you. Light and dark gray available (see booth and hallway). Must be requested by you.

Available Furniture

Below is a table with the available furniture you can request. So see how they look in real life, check out the photos of the 2010 project booths at [[1]].

Item Name Catalog Description Price (without taxes) Photos Comments
Chair File:Cyborg-Objektstuhl.jpg EUR 14,73
Small Table File:Cyborg-SmallTable.jpg EUR 24,13
Large Table File:Cyborg-LargeTable.jpg EUR 24,13 File:LargeTableWith2Chairs.jpg
Small Round Table File:Cyborg-SmallRoundTable.jpg EUR 24,13 File:BistrotableWhite.jpgFile:BistrotableWithRegularChair.jpg Available in black and white. In the previous years, we never specified the color, so it was random which color we got.
Tall Round Table ("Bar table") File:Cyborg-TallRoundTable.jpg EUR 32,87
Bar Chair File:Cyborg-Barhocker.jpg EUR 20,00 File:Barhocker.jpg Available in black and white. In the previous years, we never specified the color, so it was random which color we got.
Infopoint Art.-Nr. 06270 EUR 166,67 File:Infopont-MitBeschriftung.jpgFile:Infopoint-inside.jpg
Glass Showcase (Vitrine) File:Cyborg-Vitrine.jpg EUR 147,33 2012: not in the official furniture list. Available by special request. Same height as infopoint. Basically a sideboard with a glass showcase on top. Good for displaying hardware, circuit boards, mobile phones etc.
Sideboard File:Cyborg-Sideboard.jpg NOT AVAILABLE in 2013 2013: not available this year, as all sideboards are used at for an expo in Switzerland. Use cabins ("Kabuff") instead for storage!
Counter File:Cyborg-CounterSideboard.jpg EUR 90,67
Infobar/Infotresen File:Cyborg-SmallCounter.jpg EUR 187,- May be a good alternative if you mainly want to sell stuff.
Prospektständer klein File:Cyborg-Prospektständerklein.jpg EUR 40,00 File:KleinerProspektständer.jpg
Prospektständer gross File:Cyborg-Prospektständergross.jpg EUR 56,67 File:GrosserProspektständer.jpg 2013: only by very special request, as booth builder says that the ones he has left "look too shabby"
Sofa Art.-Nr. 15010 EUR 122,67 File:Sofa.jpg Since each wall element is 1m long, you can see in the photo that the sofa is pretty small (W122/D60/H78). Seats 2 people.
Armchair (Sessel) Art.-Nr. 15000 EUR 64,67 Like sofa, but only seats one person.
Projector Board ("Beamerhalterung") Art.-Nr. 00208 EUR 73,58 Way overpriced board/shelf that is mounted on the beam system of the booth. Placement is variable and should be discussed with booth builder during setup on Tuesday. Only available by very very special request

Furniture etc you need to bring yourself

Some furniture is really expensive to order or not available at all. Try to bring them yourself. We might do some shopping trips on Saturday, May 18th, so if you need anything and can't organize it yourself, let us know. Or if you want to join us on the shopping trip and help with carrying our purchases, send us an email!

Item Name Comments
Shelves Ridiculously expensive when ordered from booth builder. But might be useful to utilize storage room better. Consider bringing a simple Ikea shelf or a shelf from a home improvement store.
Sofa tables I would suggest to get an Ikea LACK table instead. If you need one, let us know which color. We will go to Ikea anyway to get

some kitchen equipment for the project catering.

Flowers & Plants Way too expensive to order them through Messe Berlin services. If you want to decorate your booth with flowers or plants, bring them yourself.

Carpet and Flat Beam System

After having bland grey carpets in 2011 and blue carpets in 2012, projects can select their preferred color this year. Here is a photo of a booth with blue carpet (Mozilla, 2010):

We will have the fancy flat beam system again like in 2011. Projector boards ("Beamerhalterung") for this are really expensive, so we provide them only if our budget allows and only by special request.

A word about costs and budget

You all applied and were accepted to exhibit your projects at this year's LinuxTag exhibition. We provide you with a booth, including carpet, wall elements, and furniture. This means we pay for this, not you.

We have a limited budget for the booth furniture, so we need to use it wisely. This year, we have a lot of projects and a lot of booth space. So we ask you to only request furniture that you really need and that you will use it appropriately.


We love the Infopoints because they are great for presenting software on a screen or laptop to the visitors. They have an optimal height, storage space, and look good. But they are really really expensive!

So if you request an infopoint, please use it as it is intended to demo your software. If you don't really need an infopoint, request a table.

What we don't want to see this year is projects using the infopoints just for flyers or as a sales counter!

Of course, if you really want one and pay for it out of your own pocket, then you can use it however you like.

Storage Space

We have added small storage rooms to your booth. These storage rooms are 1sqm in size, sometimes 2sqm. So they take away space from your booth. They are necessary to hide the network switches and power supplies, but can be used by your team to store flyers, give-aways, and the bags of your team members. In 2013 these cabins (or "Kabuff" as some call them) do not cost us anything extra, as the price is included in the booth setup. And since we cannot provide sideboards this year, you can use these to store your stuff. They are not suitable to store valuables over night though!

If you need to store the jackets and backpacks of your team members, please consider using the cloakroom ("Garderobe") in the entrance area of hall 7.

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