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The idea of "crowdcapturing" LinuxTag is about recording videos of presentations. Since there are so many talks going on in parallel and we can't be everywhere, we kindly ask you to support us, record material and afterwards submit it to us. We will then do our best to sort and cut everything, and finally make it publically available.

To make all the knowledge or interesting presentations of LinuxTag available even after the event which takes place, we would appreciate to capture as much material as possible and make it available to everybody under a free license. And that's where we need your help!

This is an experiment of how well it works to "capture the moment" of such a large event by the help of the community. If you happen to be at LinuxTag please help

Please contact us at:


Tracks being recorded

The openSUSE video team will do recordings in room Europe 2. Please check fp:Susevideo


Date/Time Room Talk Speaker Person to do the recording Successfully recorded?
Wednesday, May 23th
Thursday, May 24th
Friday, May 25th
Saturday, May 26th
Other material: Special events / interviews / ...

What we plan to provide

  • We plan to record audio-tracks of the sessions, which we plan to afterwards join with the video- and presentation-material.
  • We will provide a place to exchange that material with the crew.
  • We will process the material and make it publically available.
    • That's where some people willing to help would also be great.
    • It's planned to make the material available hopefully "soon" after the event. But we can't give an exact timeline yet.

What is needed

  • a digital camera to record talks
  • be available on-site in one of the rooms and record the material
  • make the material available for us after the event (see below)

How to proceed

  • find talks that you would be able / want to record
  • optional: Add yourself to the list below which talks you will record.
    • It would be great to coordinate a bit beforehand which talks will be recorded. But it surely is great if you could help to record *any* talk you can. For some events it might even be useful to maybe have more than one camera and have multiple angles of video
  • be there on-time before the talk starts
  • ask the speaker if it would be okay for him to record his session
  • start recording

It would be great if you could make the material available in good digital quality and with as few re-compression etc. of the material as possible. Some cameras can directly record to SD-cards, which might be a good idea to easily get the material off the camera.

Legal basis / Copyright

We are aware that maybe not all speakers want their sessions to be recorded or made publically available after the event. And of course we will honour that.

When submitting the talks speakers already acknowledged to make their presentations available under a free license, so we hope they will also allow to make the recordings available as well. Before making any recordings of the recording event publically available we will also double-check with the speakers this is okay for them.

All recordings will be available under a free license and free of charge.

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