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LinuxTag 2010: Social Event Feedback

If you attended the Social Event aka LinuxNacht 2010, please add your comments to this page. We from LinuxTag e.V. discussed with Messe Berlin before the event, that the food in 2009 (more than one food queue, vegetarian options) was ok, but it was not acceptable that the beer ran out at 10pm. And because of the structure of the location (E4) in 2009, it was difficult to have conversations while the band played. Messe Berlin and Coco Media, who eventually organized the social event 2010, ensured us that all this had been discussed with the caterer and the folks at the Box at the Beach/Beach at the Box. But apparently, there were some communication problems...

How did you like the location?

At the beach before 11pm

In the box after 11pm

How did you like the drinks?

How did you like food?

What could be improved

Other comments

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