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Dear Open Source Enthusiasts, especially everybody who's bringing family and kids to LinuxTag,

this year we will offer a "kids club" for the first time. This will not be a full day-care, but will rather be organized like a kindergarten. We will have an activity room and a quiet room, in which the kids can sleep if they get tired.

Opening hours will be aligned with the LinuxTag conference schedule, so roughly between 09:15 AM in the morning and 06:15 PM in the evening. Several dedicated volunteers will be running this "kids club", but since they also need breaks, there will be general breaks in this service at 11:45 AM – 01:15 PM and 03:30 – 04:00 PM. If your kid is sleeping in our "quiet room" during these break times, we will of course have a volunteer on duty watching over your kid.

So in summary the "kids club" is officially staffed at the following times:

  • 09:15 – 11:45 AM
  • 01:15 – 03:30 PM
  • 04:00 – 06:15 PM

Of course the kids don't have to be at the "kids club" for the full duration of a block. Kids can be brought and picked up at any time.

The following activities are planned:

  • make your own Tux
  • create colorful buttons
  • board and card games
  • decorate a picture frame and take photos with the open source mascots
  • building card board houses

And we will also have lots of toys available, such as

  • cars
  • building blocks
  • arts & crafts materials
  • bobby car

Since Messe Berlin is built around a nice little park ("Messe Garten), we hope to explore this area and also have some outdoor activities like bobby car races, making soap bubbles, rope jumping, ball games and much more.

And of course you are welcome to join your kid in our "kids club" if you want to get away from the LinuxTag crowd for a while!

So if you are bringing your kids to LinuxTag and if they want to come to our "kids club", then please subscribe to our mailinglist kids-announce@linuxtag.org via sympa@linuxtag.org?body=subscribe%20kids-announce

You will then get all further details through this list.

Hope to see you soon in Berlin at LinuxTag 2013!

Kind regards

the Kids Club team - Conny, Isabella, Stefan, Marco

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