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This year Internet will be provided by LinuxTag and Messe Berlin in cooperation with T-Systems.


Network at the exhibition area

Wired network at projects' booths

We will provide a separate LAN for all projects booths. This will be a private Class B network with about half of the IPs distributed via DHCP with relatively long lease time (about 1 day). The other half of the address space will be distributed using PEG-DHCP where each booth/project will be given at least its own 256 static addresses (see RFC-2322 for further details).

There are always some "experts" who provide their own DHCP service to all other projects, which results in a big network mess. To be on the safe side, we advise you to use your PEG-DHCP address pool for your booth's systems. To make this clear: it is not allowed to run a DHCP server within our network.

Please notice: the whole network will be behind a NAT router and some ports to the Internet will be blocked - especially many of the unencrypted protocols like telnet, pop3, imap or smtp. Please use their encrypted matches (ssh, pop3s, imaps, submission/smtps).

Required equipment

Every booth will get one data link via RJ45-Connector. You can connect your own switch as needed. Please be advised to take long network cables with you. Perhaphs you will also need some switches for the inner-booth network. If you share your booth with other projects, you probably should plan the booth cabling together with them.
The projects also have to bring their own network cables. You have to wire your entire booth on your own, including the cables to all counters. LinuxTag will provide you with protectors against stumbling across the cables. Please ask our team to help you securing your booth after you fitted everything to your needs.
If you think you need a private network, please bring an own router with you. It should use one of the assigned static IP adresses for your project. But be aware: the conference network is also behind a NAT router.


We kindly ask you to refrain from setting up an _unencrypted_ network to the public at your booth. This year we try to provide an separate exhibitor secured WLAN.

Guests and Customers should use the open WLAN network

Workshops, tutorials and developer room

All workshop rooms, tutorials, and the developer room share another class B network. In each room you can either use our DHCP server, which should provide your system with all required information, or you can use one of the static IP addresses we have assigned to the rooms.

Wireless network access

In addition to this we try to establish a wireless network avialable in the conference area and at the fair:

Authentifizierung/Security: No (open)


In case you encounter any problems with our network, please contact the front desk at our office located in hall 7.1b., or call +49 (30) 3038-81566 and ask for someone of the NET-Team.

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