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It is possible to send packaged stuff to LinuxTag - independently of your own arrival. However, the Messehallen Berlin are a very large area, and if nobody knows about the packages, these cannot be taken care of properly.

You have the following three options:

  • Use the parcel service of Messe Berlin
  • Send little amounts in advance to our office
  • Send all stuff directly to your booth (preferred)

Messe Berlin Parcel Service

At all times parcel post can be sent to the parcel service of Messe Berlin which can be ordered using form D2+D3 at our exhibitor service sites. Advantages are: it will arrive on schedule, and the parcel is covered by insurance.

Find the forms in the Exhibitor information provided in our exhibitor service package: German Version/ English Version.

Advance delivery to the LinuxTag Office

You can send parcel post in little amounts (quantity and size) to us -- that is Messeleitung LinuxTag Projektb├╝ro (Raum Dessau 4), please see address below -- but only from May 17 (Friday) until May 21 (Tuesday). Please be aware of the Public Holiday Weekend (Pfingsten) this year! Please keep in mind that via this way parcels will not be insured.

Hence, please tell us who sends the packets, who should receive the stuff, and what kind of content is inside. The Project Team will act as dispatcher anyway, but can only accept and dispatch stuff properly when the team knows about it. For this reason, send us an email (to projects@linuxtag.org) with this subject: Parcel Post for Project $projectname (#boothno).

Please send packages to

Messeleitung LinuxTag Projektb├╝ro
Raum Dessau 4
c/o Messe Berlin GmbH
Messedamm 22
D-14055 Berlin

Please put the following information onto the package (but not onto the address field): the project name, the booth number, a contact person and a phone number (cellular).

Direct delivery to your booth

Starting with May 22nd (Tuesday), you can receive parcels straight at your booth. You have to make sure that there is somebody who will accept the packet. Please only use the address given here, and please inform us about the deliveries you expect.

If you choose to send it to your booth, use this formula for the address:

c/o Messe Berlin GmbH
Messedamm 22
D-14055 Berlin
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