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Developer Room "/dev/center": In hall "Weimar 1" (open on Wednesday-Saturday)

It is us an honor to announce again a special for all projects participating at LinuxTag. We will provide a room equipped with desks, some power connectors and network access for all of your project's members. The exclusive developer room "Weimar 1" is located at the intermediate level between 7.1 and 7.2 - take the stairs between 7.1a and 7.1b up - the Weimar rooms are located between halls 7 and 4. The /dev/center is open from Wednesday till Saturday during the official opening times and possibly a little bit longer. Please follow the signs Developer Room or /dev/center.

Bring cables!

We kindly ask you to bring your own network cables and some power multipliers.

Label your hardware!

Label the power cables with your project's name and please share them with the others. LinuxTag will not be able to provide enough power sockets for all your notebooks.

Clean up!

In addition to this we would like to ask you to clean up the desk you used before leaving the room, because we will not do it for you. If this works out well then we hope to make this a new ongoing service at further events.

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