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An exhibitor pass empowers its holder to enter Berlin fairgrounds an hour before the official opening time and to stay a little bit longer after we close to the public. Note that this year, no setup/dismantling passes are needed to enter the exhibition halls during the setup and dismantling phase (which means that anybody can enter the fairgrounds - so always have someone from your team at your booth to watch your stuff).

Exhibitor passes vs. eTickets

The exhibitor passes for project booth members will continue to be free of cost for a reasonable amount of booth personnel. However, they are not meant as a means for regular visitors to save the entrance-fee. Hence, please don't abuse this, and don't add random visitors as booth staff if they don't belong to your booth. For this matter you will receive a decent amount of eTickets.

Ordering exhibitor passes

You can order the exhibitor passes for each accepted project using the vCC. Please login at the virtual Conference Center and click in the Main menu on "Project" and then in submenu on "Projects". Each accepted project will find a button "Order exhibitor passes". After you ordered the passes, we will have a look at the list and approve them. Otherwise you will get an email from us.

The deadline for ordering exhibitor passes is Friday May, 10th. In case you missed that deadline, please get in contact with the fp:Project Committee as soon as possible!

Getting your exhibitor passes

You'll need either normal entrance tickets or exhibitor passes for entering LinuxTag.

You can get exhibitor passes only during booth setup on Tuesday, May 21th 2013, at the LinuxTag e.V. booth located in hall 7.1c booth 163 for the registered and accepted project staff. You can only fetch the whole bunch for the entire project, so please make sure that the other project members know this and know a way to get to the passes after the show has opened.

Since our office is located behind the regular entrance, this won't work the same way when the show is going on. If you arrive after LinuxTag has already started, you'll have to either get a normal entrance ticket or ask your colleagues to provide you with an exhibitor pass from the inside.

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