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We are able to offer a free lunch due to the generous sponsoring by tarent and Wikimedia. LinuxTag wishes to thank Elmar Geese, Manuel Schneider, and their teams for their support.

We still have not received the amount of commitments for sponsoring as in the previous years though.

This means we are still looking for sponsors, so that we can provide you with Club Mate and all other goodies that were so popular in the previous years.

In particular, the following sponsoring packages are still available:

  • EUR 400,- for Water (incl. water for the conference rooms and for each booth during setup)
  • EUR 250,- for Club Mate
  • EUR 200,- for Cola and Lemonade
  • EUR 150,- for Coffee and Tea (incl. Speakers Office)
  • EUR 200,- for Cake
  • EUR 300,- for food for the volunteers during setup and tear down


You might imagine how expensive it is to provide lunch for about 300 people on all four days. Therefore we need your help: We need volunteers who help preparing the lunch during the morning. This means going to a supermarket and buying food, setting up a room and preparing salads and simple warm food or something similar. We need at least 7 volunteers every day!


Let's collect some simple recipes for salads etc. on the recipe page


We have a collection of equipment which we use each year to prepare breakfast and lunch

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