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If you plan to host another project at your booth, you need to ask us beforehand. This is usual business at fairs. As long this does not have a commercial background we don't see much problems here. By asking us for permission this project will get known to a wider public, because we require information about this sub-exhibitor to put this on our website, like the other projects, too.

Important: all projects and sub-projects need an entry in our virtual Conference Center!

It is also possible that a company sponsors your project booth. If you have a sponsor for your booth, please contact our sales team (mailto:sales@linuxtag.org) and put us in the CC (mailto:projects@linuxtag.org). In case you want to host a commercial company at your booth, this is possible, but the commercial sub-exhibitor has to pay for exhibiting at your booth. Please also contact (mailto:sales@linuxtag.org) in this case.

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