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Moderators wanted!

To guide the audience through the LinuxTag conference schedule, we need you as a volunteer moderator. You host one (or more) tracks and manage a lecture hall for one (or more) days. This is a great opportunity to become acquainted with both LinuxTag visitors and speakers, and a real contributor to the Open Source ecosystem. It requires neither technical knowledge nor previous community experience. Just be there, take part in the LinuxTag in an as much as entertaining way as you feel like, and take care of your hall, your speakers and your audience.

A "track" is a couple talks on a specific day, usually about a specific topic (i.g. "Software development", "Community"). Pick your session on a first come, first served basis and put your name in the moderator's organizer table (see link at the bottom of the page). You may need some basic English and German language skills, but you do not need to be a native speaker.

This is what a cool moderator does:

  • introduce the speaker to the audience (which consists of about 50 - 250 people):
  • ensure the presentation does end on time and keep the lecture room on schedule (there are special Time-Keeping Signs (PDF ~30KB) for that);
  • moderate the question and answer session (and ask questions for yourself!);
  • help the next speaker to set-up the presentation; and
  • thank the speaker and the audience.
  • If you are the coolest moderator in the universe, you take some minutes to fill out a Reporting Form (PDF ~45KB) for every talk you heard. This is a QA issue for the conference organizers. You'd help very much with that, but this is not mandatory. In any case, thank you so much for your support.

Now, what can you expect? LinuxTag offers you:

  • a free full conference pass for you;
  • an official LinuxTag team T-Shirt (yay!);
  • free catering during your stay at LinuxTag (yummie!); and
  • on request: a certificate accounting your duties for job applications.

If you're ready, proceed to the Moderator's table. Thank you for your support!

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