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The event type workshops is an easy and hands-on way to discuss hot topics, hold meetings, or teach an introductionary class to LinuxTag visitors. All projects and speakers are invited to propose and hold workshops.


Time and location

Workshops take place in the sub rooms in rooms Weimar 3 and Weimar 5, from Wednesday, May 22 to Saturday, May 25. Typically a workshop takes one hour to two hours. Workshops are mainly self serviced, so please be kind to your fellow workshoppers. Wiki rules and netiquette apply.

Layout of the rooms: TBD. Weimar 3 will be chairs only and Weimar 5 will have several rows of tables in the front with rows of chairs in the back. Each room is 90sqm in size.

Signing up

It is necessary to follow this simple sign-up-process:

  1. Log into the vCC and get an account, if you don't have one.
  2. Enter a new abstract (disregard all infomration about deadlines etc.).
  3. Choose "Workshop" as category.
  4. Add a comment in the abstract with your preferred day and time. Also add any additional info (language, beginners/advanced/experts, only chairs, need tables) to your comment.
  5. Send an email to our conference team (mailto:vp@linuxtag.org) and let us know the vCC-ID of your workshop proposal

Managing Contact, confirmation

Once every n days, our workshop contact, Elke (mailto:vp@linuxtag.org) checks all submissions and schedules them in the rooms. Once scheduled, this will be distributed to all our channels like the web, printed program flyers for next day etc.


There is power, tables (room "Weimar 5" only), a bunch of chairs, and network available. Please bring everything else you need by yourself.

Additionally there are projectors with standard VGA connectors.

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