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For LinuxTag organization it gets harder to decide for some projects whether it will get a booth (sponsored by LinuxTag) or we have to charge them for it because of its strong commercial background. This decision is not easy to make and differs in each case, but we try to make it fair for everybody.

Therefore we have to insist on a special agreement with the projects exhibiting at a booth sponsored by LinuxTag: advertising for associated companies is not allowed at project booths sponsored by LinuxTag! It is not allowed to display brochures, price lists, hang-up posters or similar marketing materials for affiliated companies. Of course you can still present your projects flyers, brochures, DVDs or other promotional material with logos from sponsors.

If your company wants to get promoted at your project booth, please encourage it to contact us for information about sponsoring options. Several companies already used this option to advertise at affiliated project booths.

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