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LinuxTag sponsors each year hundreds of square meters of fully equipped exhibition stands. The costs for this are unbelievable high, therefore we have some strict rules concerning advertising and selling products at these sponsored booths.

First you should inform the project committee with a detailled list of all the products you want to sell about your merchandising plans. Please include in this message also a short description how and were you would like to present and sell this stuff on your booth. The bigger part of all requests will be approved very quick under the condition, that the merchandising part of your booth takes only a decent part of your booth. LinuxTag is aware, that you need to sell merchandising to refinance your costs, but we do not endure the transformation of a sponsored booth into a merchandising stand.

In case your project sells really much stuff and you make much profit, please consider donating a fair amount to LinuxTag. We use this money to maintain all free of charge services for the free projects.

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