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Free breakfast and lunch for projects & speakers

We are able to offer free breakfast and lunch for the participating projects, speakers and volunteers. To make this work, we need sponsors and volunteers from you, the free projects, who help prepare the food. Please see http://wiki.linuxtag.org/w/fp:Lunch for details.

At your booth

If your project plans to hand visitors fluids of one kind or another, please ensure that this doesn't turn your booth into a beverages bar.

This would actually cause a lot of problems because there's a default caterer and that company is the only one that is allowed to sell beverages at the exhibition center. They will get angry and try legal tricks (like asking for Korkgeld, see Wikipedia.de [1] ) if they feel somebody is poaching in their territory.

It is no problem to provide a cup of coffee or a glass of water to visitors inside the booth when talking to you and staff. Things just shouldn't spread.

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