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Veterans have the following items in their equipment box
  • stuff to inform visitors:
    • flyers
    • posters
  • stuff to make your booth look good:
    • spotlights (to set a course on important things of your stand)
    • potted plants to be placed on infopoints and tables (conjuring a comfy mood)
    • tableclothes for your tables (hide away all the bits and pieces)
    • posters and other decorations for the booth walls
  • power supplies:
    • power extension chords and power multiplier sockets
  • stuff for LAN
    • network cables (long, short, Crossover)
    • switches
  • office stuff
    • business cards
    • crypto fingerprint printouts
    • pencils, paper, scissors
    • hard disks, usb sticks, usb cables+hubs
    • printer
  • if your booth has a storage room
    • shelf (the storage room is really small and if you share a booth with several projects

or have lots of giveaways or merchandize, this will help you maximize the space. Cheap shelfs are available for 10-30 EUR at home depot stores)

Power and Internet will be provided by LinuxTag and Messe Berlin for the project booths. No need to worry about these. However, you should bring some extension chords and power multiplier sockets. We cannot provide these for all projects.

When you use a cable drum for distributing power, please make sure to not connect any computers or monitors to it unless you have pulled off the entire cable.

If you plan to present special hardware which requires more power (e.g. several servers) then please contact us.

Please leave the following things at home
  • wireless access points: You should not operate your private wireless LAN. Please read more about networking here: conference network
  • coffee makers, kettles, and cookware
  • fire (open flame)
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