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If you have any questions, please add them at the end of the FAQ or contact the project committee. Please take a look in our A-Z list before you contact us.

How are projects supervised?
The Projects Committee handles all free project related topics.
Where to find all free project related information?
We used to have all information on our website - but we are migrating it to this wiki.
Please take a look at the free projects' pages in this wiki.
Are there any mailing lists by LinuxTag for the projects?
Yes, there are three mailing lists about the projects:
projects-announce, projects-discussions, and projects-veterans.
Please see the page on Mailing lists.
Why does LinuxTag take an entrance fee?
An event of LinuxTag's size is only possible because there are many hard working volunteers behind the scenes. We appreciate the commitment of our crew and members and are deeply thankful for making LinuxTag happen.
It is crucial that not only sponsors and exhibitors pay for this event but that also each visitors gives a decent amount to finance the event. If it was possible to organize a LinuxTag in the same quality and size without an entrance fee, we would not have made the decision to charge a fee for admission.
What are the criteria for choosing projects?
In January we usually start the Call for Projects - and every year we receive more applications than we had expected. We are overwhelmed by the community's interest in our event which encourages us to improve LinuxTag continuously.
The project committee evaluates each project's application based on the given information and personal interviews with project members. We have some major rules that have to apply: Only non-commercial projects with a strong focus on Open Source have a chance to get a sponsored booth at LinuxTag. Thereby the size, vitality and activity of the project's community plays a key role for our decision. If the project has already participated before then we also take our experience from the preceding events into account.
Based on all this information the committee decides about the participation and amount of sponsoring for the project. Before LinuxTag rejects a project, we discuss it with the projects board which has the right to veto.
Is it allowed to show advertisements on booths?
No - no advertisements on booths for associated companies.
Yes - for promotional material with small logos for your project's sponsors.
Please more detailed info see the page on advertising at sponsored booths.
Will there be exhibitor passes for free projects?
Yes, there are exhibitor passes for projects.
Please see exhibitor passes.
Which projects have been accepted yet?
LinuxTag informs accepted projects automatically relatively short after the end of the first and second submission round. Please give us up to two weeks after a deadline to send you a notice.
Can LinuxTag provide hardware for free projects?
No. Unfortunately we have no budget for organizing hardware for the participating free projects. You have to find a sponsor on your own.
Is it allowed to have sub-exhibitors at a sponsored booth?
Yes, you may have sub-exhibitors at a sponsored booth - but there are some conditions which have to be met.
Please see sub-exhibitors about those conditions.
Are there any rooms for projects or developer meetings?
Yes, we have special rooms for participating projects and developers:
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