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Before LinuxTag

Exhibitor passes

An exhibitor pass empowers its holder to enter Berlin fairgrounds an hour before the official opening time and to stay a little bit longer after we close to the public. Note that this year, no setup/dismantling passes are needed to enter the exhibition halls during the setup and dismantling phase (which means that anybody can enter the fairgrounds - so always have someone from your team at your booth to watch your stuff).

Exhibitor passes vs. eTickets

The exhibitor passes for project booth members will continue to be free of cost for a reasonable amount of booth personnel. However, they are not meant as a means for regular visitors to save the entrance-fee. Hence, please don't abuse this, and don't add random visitors as booth staff if they don't belong to your booth. For this matter you will receive a decent amount of eTickets.

Ordering exhibitor passes

You can order the exhibitor passes for each accepted project using the vCC. Please login at the virtual Conference Center and click in the Main menu on "Project" and then in submenu on "Projects". Each accepted project will find a button "Order exhibitor passes". After you ordered the passes, we will have a look at the list and approve them. Otherwise you will get an email from us.

The deadline for ordering exhibitor passes is Friday May, 10th. In case you missed that deadline, please get in contact with the fp:Project Committee as soon as possible!

Getting your exhibitor passes

You'll need either normal entrance tickets or exhibitor passes for entering LinuxTag.

You can get exhibitor passes only during booth setup on Tuesday, May 21th 2013, at the LinuxTag e.V. booth located in hall 7.1c booth 163 for the registered and accepted project staff. You can only fetch the whole bunch for the entire project, so please make sure that the other project members know this and know a way to get to the passes after the show has opened.

Since our office is located behind the regular entrance, this won't work the same way when the show is going on. If you arrive after LinuxTag has already started, you'll have to either get a normal entrance ticket or ask your colleagues to provide you with an exhibitor pass from the inside.


eTickets are electronic 4-day passes for visiting LinuxTag. LinuxTag will provide each participating project a bunch of eTickets, which should be spread among the project's community.

The tickets will be distributed in May.


Important: Because we encountered some problems last year, we urge you to activate your eTicket account immediately after reception of the mail from the system. You must log in within 48 hours to activate or the eTickets will are forfeited. Once you have logged in, all eTickets will remain valid until the fair.

See also


Let us remind you to take care of your stuff at the booths, in the exhibition area, and the conference halls. LinuxTag takes no responsibility for any damaged, lost or stolen property. We offer a lockable storage room for your hardware and other things which need not to be at the booth during the night.

However you can contract insurance for hardware and stuff, including transportation at your own cost, provided by the Ausstellungsgut-Versicherung You can find further information in the Exhibitor Service Manual at Form E9 - Ausstellungsgut-Versicherung (Form F3 - Insurance for Exhibits - English Version).

Generally speaking it may be a good idea to scan through the list of services and order forms (English Version), offered by Messe Berlin.

In case you have questions, please contact Messe Berlin directly.


If you plan to host another project at your booth, you need to ask us beforehand. This is usual business at fairs. As long this does not have a commercial background we don't see much problems here. By asking us for permission this project will get known to a wider public, because we require information about this sub-exhibitor to put this on our website, like the other projects, too.

Important: all projects and sub-projects need an entry in our virtual Conference Center!

It is also possible that a company sponsors your project booth. If you have a sponsor for your booth, please contact our sales team (mailto:sales@linuxtag.org) and put us in the CC (mailto:projects@linuxtag.org). In case you want to host a commercial company at your booth, this is possible, but the commercial sub-exhibitor has to pay for exhibiting at your booth. Please also contact (mailto:sales@linuxtag.org) in this case.

Packing list

Veterans have the following items in their equipment box
  • stuff to inform visitors:
    • flyers
    • posters
  • stuff to make your booth look good:
    • spotlights (to set a course on important things of your stand)
    • potted plants to be placed on infopoints and tables (conjuring a comfy mood)
    • tableclothes for your tables (hide away all the bits and pieces)
    • posters and other decorations for the booth walls
  • power supplies:
    • power extension chords and power multiplier sockets
  • stuff for LAN
    • network cables (long, short, Crossover)
    • switches
  • office stuff
    • business cards
    • crypto fingerprint printouts
    • pencils, paper, scissors
    • hard disks, usb sticks, usb cables+hubs
    • printer
  • if your booth has a storage room
    • shelf (the storage room is really small and if you share a booth with several projects

or have lots of giveaways or merchandize, this will help you maximize the space. Cheap shelfs are available for 10-30 EUR at home depot stores)

Power and Internet will be provided by LinuxTag and Messe Berlin for the project booths. No need to worry about these. However, you should bring some extension chords and power multiplier sockets. We cannot provide these for all projects.

When you use a cable drum for distributing power, please make sure to not connect any computers or monitors to it unless you have pulled off the entire cable.

If you plan to present special hardware which requires more power (e.g. several servers) then please contact us.

Please leave the following things at home
  • wireless access points: You should not operate your private wireless LAN. Please read more about networking here: conference network
  • coffee makers, kettles, and cookware
  • fire (open flame)

Arriving at LinuxTag

Arriving at Berlin fairgrounds

As mentioned above, you can only enter the fairground during the event with an official 'exhibitor pass'.

Note that this year there will be no dedicated 'setup exhibitor passes' during setup, meaning that anybody can enter the fairgrounds during setup.

If you come by car to LinuxTag, please see Cruising the Area of Messe Berlin for Delivery and Unloading. If you have any trouble finding the right entrance or finding your booth, please call the Project's Office and ask for help. We will announce the official phone numbers a few days before the event on the free projects wiki startpage.

Your project manager should step by at the LinuxTag e.V. booth in the exhibition hall as soon as possible to inform us about your arrival, to pickup the prepared welcome package -including your exhibitor passes and social event tickets- and get the latest news from Elke, Jacqueline or Wolfgang. The booth is located in Hall 7.1a, booth TBD.

Please notice: Messe Berlin handles this very strict. If you stay longer than 2 hours with your car within the fairground the deposit will be lost.

See also

Cruising the area of Messe Berlin

You will see - Messe Berlin is a far and wide area, nearly a planet of its own. If you arrive there for delivery with your vehicle, use gate 25 only to enter the area, then follow signage to hall 7.

2013 Traffic Guide

See D4_Verkehrskoordination_2013.pdf for this year's details on how to reach the exhibition halls on the fair grounds.


For a rough orientation please see the sketched plan of the fair:

Make sure to have a deposit of 100,- EUR in cash ready at hand. For cars it allows you to drive on the area for two hours, lorries have three hours. For details please have a look at the traffic guide.

See also


Parking your car within the area of Messe Berlin is prohibited and your car may be towed away on your own cost. If you have to bring some stuff directly to the exhibition hall, please see Cruising the Area of Messe Berlin for Delivery.

All parking lots around Messe Berlin will be open and usable free of charge. The nearest one to the entrace is P13 and P13a as shown in light blue on the map.



You can set up your booth the one day before LinuxTag opens its doors. On Tuesday, May 21th, you set up and decorate your booth from 2 pm to 8 pm. The earlier you arrive and begin with this the better for all to solve eventually arising problems here. We hope that the booth basics are ready for you when you arrive. Otherwise, please stand nearby, and make sure to have someone guard your stuff.

Because LinuxTag will be opened on Wednesday, May 22th, by some officials, there is no way to set up your booth on Wednesday, May 22th. It has to be done before.


As usual it is not permitted to start dismantling your booth on Saturday, May 25th, before the show officially closes. Please do not start packing your equipment before 6:30 pm. You also can dismantle your booth on Sunday, May 26th, from 7 am to 10 pm. Note that since anyone can enter the fairgrounds during this time, you should not leave valuables at your booth without anyone guarding it.


To get into the exhibition halls during set-up, you should not require a special document or pass. In case someone denies you the access during set-up or dismantling time, please call us at the projects office. The number will be announced a few days before the event at the start page of this wiki.

See also

Conference network

This year Internet will be provided by LinuxTag and Messe Berlin in cooperation with T-Systems.

Network at the exhibition area

Wired network at projects' booths

We will provide a separate LAN for all projects booths. This will be a private Class B network with about half of the IPs distributed via DHCP with relatively long lease time (about 1 day). The other half of the address space will be distributed using PEG-DHCP where each booth/project will be given at least its own 256 static addresses (see RFC-2322 for further details).

There are always some "experts" who provide their own DHCP service to all other projects, which results in a big network mess. To be on the safe side, we advise you to use your PEG-DHCP address pool for your booth's systems. To make this clear: it is not allowed to run a DHCP server within our network.

Please notice: the whole network will be behind a NAT router and some ports to the Internet will be blocked - especially many of the unencrypted protocols like telnet, pop3, imap or smtp. Please use their encrypted matches (ssh, pop3s, imaps, submission/smtps).

Required equipment

Every booth will get one data link via RJ45-Connector. You can connect your own switch as needed. Please be advised to take long network cables with you. Perhaphs you will also need some switches for the inner-booth network. If you share your booth with other projects, you probably should plan the booth cabling together with them.
The projects also have to bring their own network cables. You have to wire your entire booth on your own, including the cables to all counters. LinuxTag will provide you with protectors against stumbling across the cables. Please ask our team to help you securing your booth after you fitted everything to your needs.
If you think you need a private network, please bring an own router with you. It should use one of the assigned static IP adresses for your project. But be aware: the conference network is also behind a NAT router.


We kindly ask you to refrain from setting up an _unencrypted_ network to the public at your booth. This year we try to provide an separate exhibitor secured WLAN.

Guests and Customers should use the open WLAN network

Workshops, tutorials and developer room

All workshop rooms, tutorials, and the developer room share another class B network. In each room you can either use our DHCP server, which should provide your system with all required information, or you can use one of the static IP addresses we have assigned to the rooms.

Wireless network access

In addition to this we try to establish a wireless network avialable in the conference area and at the fair:

Authentifizierung/Security: No (open)


In case you encounter any problems with our network, please contact the front desk at our office located in hall 7.1b., or call +49 (30) 3038-81566 and ask for someone of the NET-Team.

See also

During the event

Advertisement at your booth

For LinuxTag organization it gets harder to decide for some projects whether it will get a booth (sponsored by LinuxTag) or we have to charge them for it because of its strong commercial background. This decision is not easy to make and differs in each case, but we try to make it fair for everybody.

Therefore we have to insist on a special agreement with the projects exhibiting at a booth sponsored by LinuxTag: advertising for associated companies is not allowed at project booths sponsored by LinuxTag! It is not allowed to display brochures, price lists, hang-up posters or similar marketing materials for affiliated companies. Of course you can still present your projects flyers, brochures, DVDs or other promotional material with logos from sponsors.

If your company wants to get promoted at your project booth, please encourage it to contact us for information about sponsoring options. Several companies already used this option to advertise at affiliated project booths.

See also

Selling merchandise

LinuxTag sponsors each year hundreds of square meters of fully equipped exhibition stands. The costs for this are unbelievable high, therefore we have some strict rules concerning advertising and selling products at these sponsored booths.

First you should inform the project committee with a detailled list of all the products you want to sell about your merchandising plans. Please include in this message also a short description how and were you would like to present and sell this stuff on your booth. The bigger part of all requests will be approved very quick under the condition, that the merchandising part of your booth takes only a decent part of your booth. LinuxTag is aware, that you need to sell merchandising to refinance your costs, but we do not endure the transformation of a sponsored booth into a merchandising stand.

In case your project sells really much stuff and you make much profit, please consider donating a fair amount to LinuxTag. We use this money to maintain all free of charge services for the free projects.

See also

Catering and beverages at your booth

Free breakfast and lunch for projects & speakers

We are able to offer free breakfast and lunch for the participating projects, speakers and volunteers. To make this work, we need sponsors and volunteers from you, the free projects, who help prepare the food. Please see http://wiki.linuxtag.org/w/fp:Lunch for details.

At your booth

If your project plans to hand visitors fluids of one kind or another, please ensure that this doesn't turn your booth into a beverages bar.

This would actually cause a lot of problems because there's a default caterer and that company is the only one that is allowed to sell beverages at the exhibition center. They will get angry and try legal tricks (like asking for Korkgeld, see Wikipedia.de [1] ) if they feel somebody is poaching in their territory.

It is no problem to provide a cup of coffee or a glass of water to visitors inside the booth when talking to you and staff. Things just shouldn't spread.

Exclusive services for projects

Lunch - sponsored by tarent


We are able to offer a free lunch due to the generous sponsoring by tarent and Wikimedia. LinuxTag wishes to thank Elmar Geese, Manuel Schneider, and their teams for their support.

We still have not received the amount of commitments for sponsoring as in the previous years though.

This means we are still looking for sponsors, so that we can provide you with Club Mate and all other goodies that were so popular in the previous years.

In particular, the following sponsoring packages are still available:

  • EUR 400,- for Water (incl. water for the conference rooms and for each booth during setup)
  • EUR 250,- for Club Mate
  • EUR 200,- for Cola and Lemonade
  • EUR 150,- for Coffee and Tea (incl. Speakers Office)
  • EUR 200,- for Cake
  • EUR 300,- for food for the volunteers during setup and tear down


You might imagine how expensive it is to provide lunch for about 300 people on all four days. Therefore we need your help: We need volunteers who help preparing the lunch during the morning. This means going to a supermarket and buying food, setting up a room and preparing salads and simple warm food or something similar. We need at least 7 volunteers every day!


Let's collect some simple recipes for salads etc. on the recipe page


We have a collection of equipment which we use each year to prepare breakfast and lunch

See also

Mom-and-Pop grocery store

After some hassle with the catering company of the Berlin fairgrounds (Capital Catering) in 2009, we will not offer a Mom-and-Pop grocery store this year.

Instead, all drinks you consume during breakfast and lunch at the Project's Lunch will be free of charge. We plan to offer coffee, tea, water, juice, and some softdrinks. Note that it will not be possible to take whole crates of drinks from the lunch area to your booth.

Since the budget for the Project's Lunch has not been finalized, we are not sure yet how much Mate or Bionade we can offer. If you want to sponsor some of the drinks, please contact us!

Developer room

Developer Room "/dev/center": In hall "Weimar 1" (open on Wednesday-Saturday)

It is us an honor to announce again a special for all projects participating at LinuxTag. We will provide a room equipped with desks, some power connectors and network access for all of your project's members. The exclusive developer room "Weimar 1" is located at the intermediate level between 7.1 and 7.2 - take the stairs between 7.1a and 7.1b up - the Weimar rooms are located between halls 7 and 4. The /dev/center is open from Wednesday till Saturday during the official opening times and possibly a little bit longer. Please follow the signs Developer Room or /dev/center.

Bring cables!

We kindly ask you to bring your own network cables and some power multipliers.

Label your hardware!

Label the power cables with your project's name and please share them with the others. LinuxTag will not be able to provide enough power sockets for all your notebooks.

Clean up!

In addition to this we would like to ask you to clean up the desk you used before leaving the room, because we will not do it for you. If this works out well then we hope to make this a new ongoing service at further events.

Printing service - powered by BeLUG

Like last year we are proud to announce that in cooperation with BeLUG we can offer again the printing service to all free projects. In case you forgot to bring with your flyers or you need to produce more of them, please facilitate the printing service.

Please see printing service (sorry, only available in German) or get in touch with the staff from the BeLUG booth (hall 7.2b, booth 124).

Guided tours - powered by BeLUG

As a very special offer, Uschi Gärtner and Ralf Vögtle, will give per day one free guided tour. So if you need to get out of Berlin fairgrounds, this is one of the best chances to have fun with other Linux friends and learn much about this amazing city.

Please see guided tours (sorry, only available in German) or in touch with the statt from the BeLUG booth (hall 7.2b, booth 124).

Events during LinuxTag

Project workshops

Thanks to many volunteers we have a more than 40 hours lasting workshop program at LinuxTag. Despite the fact that the schedule is on our official website, we kindly as you to help us promoting the workshops. Please print flyers, hang a poster or something similar to announce you own and possibly all other workshops. Thank you! Please see LinuxTag 2008 Workshop schedule.

LinuxNacht - official social event

A special highlight in the LinuxTag calendar is the social event for visitors, exhibitors, journalists and speakers on the second evening of the fair: LinuxNacht. The Linux community will gather on Thursday, May 23th, 2013, from 7:00 p.m. on. Location: Italienische Höfe, Zitadelle Spandau.

Have some good food and drinks while socialising and chatting with visitors and project fellows.


The regular LinuxNacht ticket costs EUR 40. Tickets are available in the on-site at the fairgrounds right at the ticket shop. Included in the admission is the large buffet and all drinks.

In our experience, these tickets will be sold out early. Therefore we recommend to order your ticket rather early!

In addition to this LinuxTag offers a limited quota of sponsored tickets for members of the exhibiting projects. Each ticket is sponsored by LinuxTag with 20 and therefore costs 20. We will spread the tickets fair in a "first come, first serve" manner, because we have only a limited quota of sponsored tickets.

You will be able to buy these sponsored tickets at the LinuxTag e.V. booth at hall 7.1a booth 163.


LinuxNacht at Italienische Höfe, Zitadelle Spandau
Thursday, May 23th, 2013
Address: Zitadelle Spandau, Am Juliusturm 64, 13599 Berlin

See also

Keysigning Party

At LinuxTag in Berlin there will be an OpenPGP (pgp/gpg) keysigning party. The party will be on Friday, May 30th, at 14:00 (sharp), Workshop-Room 1. The event organizer is Karlheinz Geyer.

More infos can be found on the Keysigning page.

Ubuntu Grill

fp:Ubuntu Grill 2008


During the event

During the event we kindly ask you to contact our front desk first. The team at the front desk is a kind of a first-level support team. They will know the solution for nearly all standard problems or otherwise know who to contact. The front desk is located in our office (German: Messeleitung) in Hall 7.1b situated behind the keynote area.

There are several ways contacting us:

#linuxtag on Freenode
Phone (only during the event Mo, 26.05.-Sa, 31.05.)
Front-Desk +49-30-3038-81566
Face to face
front desk or projects' office in hall 7.1b

Project Committee

Of course you can ask any member of the project commitee in case you encounter any problem.


Elke Moritz

Referentin Freie Projekte: in charge of the project booths and main contact for the free projects


Jacqueline Rahemipour

your contact in the exhibition halls - at hall 7.1c. Sells the Social Event tickets for the free projects

Image:Photo Wolfgang Drotschmann.png

Wolfgang Drotschmann

Dipl. Informatiker

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